K-2 Kids BBQ @ Athletics Carnival

K-2 Athletics Carnival (1)


Hey Mums and Dads, Carers, Grandparents and Friends!

Join us for a Healthy Kids BBQ

@ the

K-2 Athletics Carnival

Thursday 7 September 2017!

Your P & C will be running a very special K-2 Kids BBQ at the K-2 Athletics Carnival following the Presentations. Yay! Even the spectators can enjoy our special BBQ – it makes you hungry watching kids being active! and our Canteen will be selling Coffee!

Our Menu will consist of: –

  • Steak Sandwich (lean minute steak with onion) $5.00
  • Char-grilled Chicken Burgers l served on a roll with lettuce and mayo $4.00
  • Sausage on a slice of bread $2.50
  • Salad Tubs $3.50
  • Water $1.50
  • Sipahh Milk Straws (these have less than 1/2 teaspoon sugar) using low-fat milk $2.00
  • Juices your choice of apple, apple and blackcurrant or tropical $ 1.50
  • Watermelon Wedges  $0.70
  • Pineapple Rings $0.40


Great! How do we order?

All lunch orders for the day are to be pre-ordered no later than 5 September 2017. This will allow us to order the correct quantities! Please don’t forget to tell us if there are any special dietary requirements! Verrry important!

  1. You will be able to pre-order your child’s lunch on Flexischools using the Special Canteen Menu that will be available. Orders must be placed no later than midnight 5 September 2017
  2. If you want to order via the paper bag system, please use the Order Form K2 Kids BBQ (1) and return to the Canteen with payment no later than 5 September 2017
  3. You or your child simply rock up to our BBQ to collect your items

So, we hope that you will pack a picnic blanket and join us on the day!

Oh, and one more thing! If you wish to volunteer and help at the BBQ that would be great! (and very appreciative), email us at canteen@tackingpointpandc.org.au or complete the slip K2 Kids BBQ (1)and return to the canteen or contact our K-2 Kids BBQ Coordinator Felicity Crocker on 0447084492. Free coffee and lunch provided for you! Thank you!

Volunteers…your P & C needs you!



Our P & C is run and assisted by a great group of volunteers. In the next two years, we will be losing some key volunteers who have given their all to the success of our events, activities, Canteen and Uniform Shop. In 2017, we will be conducting succession planning to ensure that the strength and activities of the P & C continues well into the future.

With changes to the funding of education in the near future, it is even more prudent that we have a strong volunteer base who can continue to fundraise and extend our school community to ensure that our children have the resources and infrastructure for their learning.

We also need to “share the load” or “share the love” as we like to call it! Therefore, we are looking for volunteers to assist us in the following positions. If you are able to help let us know!

Grants Coordinator

In 2017, we are looking to source funding for the completion of our canteen upgrade and our Sustainable Sensory Garden. Our ability to source funding externally alleviates the need to run fundraisers internally through our School Community so parents don’t feel like they are constantly handing out funds.

The coordinator would work closely with the P & C Executive and sub-committees. If you like writing tenders and proposals and sourcing funding then this just might be the role for you!


Every Friday and for special events our Canteen sells wonderful Barista Coffees. The Coffee machine is operated by a limited number of volunteers, well actually two. We need a volunteer or two to assist us on a rostered basis to provide this service to our families. If you think you would like to be our Barista, please drop us a line! Even if you don’t know how to make barista coffee, we can train you!

It’s a great way to volunteer, meet other parents from the school and make good friends. Please contact us on info@tackingpointpandc.org.au.

Sensory Garden Coordinator

Following on from our 2016 20 Anniversary Paver Fundraiser, we are now looking for a volunteer to coordinate the development and activities for the creation of our Sustainable Sensory Garden.

This will be quite a big role as you source funding (in conjunction with the Grants Coordinator), volunteers for working bees, engage a landscaper, liaise with the School and so on to bring this garden to fruition. So for all the green thumbs out there, those with an interest in the environment or just want to be part of very special part of our school volunteer for the role of Sensory Garden Coordinator.

Social Media

Currently, the P & C communicates with our School Community via our Facebook page, our website and this Newsletter that is also distributed via the Skoolbag app. If you love social media and communicating in an online format, then you just might like this role!

It will include an administrator role for the website and the Facebook pages so a bit of knowledge here would be a great bonus. In addition, you will also assist the Executive Committee in creating a Social Media Policy to protect and administer our various sites.

Volunteer Coordinator

The P & C Executive are looking for a volunteer who is passionate about the value of our volunteers within our school community.  This role is responsible for the recruitment, management and support of Volunteers to assist the P & C across all of events and activities to provide better outcomes for our School.

If you are interested in any of these volunteer positions, then please contact us! We would love to hear from you!












Just One Thing 2017

if-you-do-anything-for-your-child-this-year-doWe have commenced our Just One Thing campaign for 2017. Our P & C relies on the involvement of our volunteers – parents, grandparents, friends within the school community, teachers and the children themselves. Just One Thing is our Volunteering Campaign for 2017 encouraging all of our school community families to volunteer with the P & C and the school.

We are asking everyone within our school community to do JUST ONE THING to support our School and the P & C! You choose!

If you have attended the Parent Information Nights held over the last fortnight you would have been handed an open letter and an activity nomination form. If not, then additional forms are available to download below.

Please take the time to consider where you can do you just one thing for 2017! Forms can be returned to the Canteen or scanned and emailed to info@tackingpointpandc.org.au

We do hope that you will embrace this campaign and be part of a very special school community.

Click here to access your Nomination Form for Just One Thing 2017!



Spring Fair Newsletter No. 3

 Volunteers put the community into community events

 Our Spring Fair is fast approaching and the excitement is growing! Thanks to our many volunteers who are giving their time to help us at the Spring Fair. Your support means that we are raising funds for our School Library and the Canteen!

However we are still well short of the required man hours to make this Spring Fair a success! We know we are asking for a lot and pushing the boundaries. The Spring Fair Committee is looking for Mums, Dads, older siblings (over the age of 10), grandparents and friends who can help out! Even if you are able to help for just for 30 minutes or so that would be wonderful! If you are able to assist, please contact us!!!!! We desperately need help on the following stalls and activities.

Rocket Launcher – a fun game for the kids to see how far they can launch a foam rocket
Jumping Castle
Lob the Dunny Roll – let’s see if you can lob a toilet toll into a toilet from a distance! Too easy!
Clean-up Help after the Fair
Canteen Assistants
Chocolate Wheel – selling tickets, spinning the wheel and handing out the prizes. Remember there is a major prize available to be given away!
Pre-Fair Set-up – decorations and lighting etc.
Face Painting – the coordinator needs at least two assistants to help her!
A Photographer and Assistant for our Photo Booth
Sponsorship and Prize sourcing
An electrician to ensure we don’t overload the power!


If you want to take on one of these roles then simply contact Glenys Rhodes on 0408619355 or email fundraising@tackingpointpandc.org.au.

Read on to discover more about our Spring Fair


Thank you.

Spring Fair Committee 2016


Spring Fair Newsletter # 2


This is our second Spring Fair Newsletter which aims to provide families with important information in the lead up to the Spring Fair.

Spring Fair is an important fund raising activity for Tacking Point Public School and allows us to raise money which will be used to directly provide resources for our Library and the refurbishment of our School Canteen.

Spring Fair also provides a valuable connection to the local community with many local businesses donating goods or funds.

Please consider giving your time to assist in making the day a success.

We are still a long way from having sufficient volunteers to assist on stalls and activities so it is all the more important that parents put their hands up for these roles this year.

Without you, the Spring Fair will miss out on some traditional favourites. And we will end up losing some vital school funds. So we really need your help to take charge of these stalls.

A list of Committee roles and Stallholders that are needed is at the end of this newsletter. Please nominate.

We request you to step up to help and join our Spring Fair Community so we can together create another great event for our school and our children.

If you want to take on one of these roles then simply contact Glenys Rhodes on 0408619355 or email fundraising@tackingpointpandc.org.au.

Thank you.

Spring Fair Committee 2016

 “Volunteers put the community into community events

Read all about it ! Spring Fair Newsletter is now available for you! Just click on the link to find out more!


Keep Calm! Our Spring Fair Needs YOU!

FINALWhere can I help?

There are numerous ways in which you can help. At this stage, we need help in the following areas:

  • Craft donations – just craft up some love for sale, any medium – paper, fabric, art, twine – you make it we will accept it!
  • Donate plants – start propagating or potting up!
  • Donate prizes – we need prizes for our Chocolate Wheel and the children’s activities!
  • Sponsorship – a great way for you to advertise your support and your business
  • Sponsor items for the BBQ – meat supplies, sauces, napkins, paper plates
  • Sponsor Milk for the SRC’s Milk Bar
  • Coordinators and/or Assistants for our Stalls and Activities. We have vacancies for:
    • Side Show Alley
      • Lob the Dunny Roll
      • Rocket Launcher
      • Sponge-a- Mate
    • P & C Pop – up! Help us sell our raffle tickets, teatowels and Cookbooks!
    • Craft Stall
    • Chocolate Wheel – we need spruikers to sell tickets, source prizes, spin the wheel and generally have a good time!
    • An assistant for our Lego Competition in the Lego House
    • Plaster Fingers – plastering up the kids in plaster , of course!
    • Just Dance Disco – chaperone the kids as they dance to their favourite song
    • Glow Things – selling our glow products that will just glow as the sun sets and add to the atmosphere of the Fair
    • Showbags – we will source the showbags – all you have to do is hand them out to the kiddies as part of their Super Saver or sell them to those who don’t have a Super Saver
    • Super Saver – distributing food and activity tickets to all those kiddies who have prepaid. A case of marking off names from a list!
    • Photo Booth – we have the photographer! We just need someone to source props, take orders and arrange for printing of photos to be delivered after the fair!
  • Baristas – who doesn’t love a good coffee that is made to perfection
  • Canteen Coordinator and assistants – selling extra yummy goodies
  • Lighting – as the sun sets we will need lighting! You may find a donor to assist here but in any case you will also be putting up the lighting and liaison with the Electrician!
  • Electrician – we need you to ensure the safety of our fairgoers not to mention that we don’t overload and fuse out the whole set-up
  • Floaters – to help with the collection of coin on the day and providing relief to stallholders so that they too can have some fun (and a rest!)
  • Assistants to help set up on the day including:
    • an Electrician
    • setting up lighting
    • setting up tables,marquees and signage
    • Decorating!
  • Carpenter or handy person to assist with creating a free-standing sign, a special stall and a Photo Booth
  • Publicity – creating Facebook posts, web posts, flyer distribution, even gaining some media attention through radio and print!

If you are not sure what a Stall Coordinator does check out our blog on the Role of a Stall/Activity Coordinator The Role of Stall/Activity Coordinators. It is not as scary as you think!

Contact us and have a chat about how you can help!