Our Final Newsletter for 2016!

your-p-cHello Parents & Carers!

Welcome to our final Newsletter for 2017!

Our last term has certainly been massive. We have asked a lot from our school community and in true community spirit you have responded. “Thank you” is starting to sound a little hollow but there is no better way to express our gratitude for the support that you show!

The P & C is committed to ensuring that our children receive the very best that we can possibly offer. All of our volunteers work extremely hard and you will always see the benefits. We hope to see some new faces in 2017 joining our dedicated team. We wish you the very best for the holidays, a Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year.

Till 2017…

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You are invited to participate in our “JUST ONE THING” Volunteer campaign for 2016!

We have over 761 children attending Tacking Point Public School with a large number of the children being new to our school this year. Tacking Point Public School and the P & C has a very strong school and family community. We are hoping to build on our school community successes of 2015.

Therefore we asking each family to nominate to do “JUST ONE THING” throughout the year giving all Tacking Point Public School families a chance to be involved in our school community. We are especially encouraging our new families to get involved. Volunteering at the school is a great way to meet people and make friends, assist your child to reach their potential and grow their self esteem. Children love to see their Mums and Dads, grandparents, aunties, uncles and friends helping out!

On this page you will find a link to a list of activities that we would appreciate your assistance with. We ask that you tick just one box (or more if you like!) if you are interested in helping out!

Your responses will be collated and when the time comes you will be contacted regarded your chosen participation. Please be assured that all information collected will only be used for the purpose for which it was provided (refer to our Privacy Statement).

Upon completion of the form you may return it to the school or email a copy to info@tackingpointpandc.org.au. Please ensure that you complete your contact details.

If you do anything for your child this year do “JUST ONE THING” to help them their school and be a part of a very special school  that is Tacking Point Public School and the P & C.

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Schoolbags are Coming!


The wearing of a school uniform encourages pride in the school and contributes to a sense of belonging!

The School and the P and C are offering you the opportunity to purchase School Back Packs and Library/Excursion Bags for a hugely discounted price.

Tacking Point Public School is supportive of children having bags that support their spinal health and addresses safety and protection. The decision to buy the bags is at your discretion! They are a not a requirement of the school uniform.

What Bags will be available?


1).  Mighty Tuff Back Pack Mighty Tuff Back Pack

  •  Fixed Zipper Flap
  • Padded Laptop Pocket
  • Anatomic Back panel
  • Made from Showerproof nylon
  • Reflective piping for enhanced visibility
  • Ergonomic should straps
  • High grade zippers
  • 15 year Warranty (subject to supplier conditions)

2). Eco Library/Excursion Bag LibraryExcursion Bag

  •  Doubles as Library Bag AND Excursion Bag
  • Printed space for name
  • Easy open Velcro fastening with drawstring toggle
  • Reflective safety corners
  • Adjustable shoulder/back straps
  • Easy sponge clean
  • 100% PET recycled showerproof fabric


The Finer Detail

The closing date for all orders will be Friday 7 December 2014. All orders will be available for collection on Tuesday 27 January 2015 from the Uniform Shop.

The Bags will be on display in the Uniform Shop from Monday 10 November  2014.

How do I order?

You can order your bags online at http://www.flexischools.com.au or by completing the order form and returning with payment to the School Canteen. Please note that Flexischools orders will open on Monday 10 November 2014 and close at 5:00pm on  7 November 2014.

If you should have any questions regarding the bags or require further information, please email us at social@tackingpointpandc.org.au or contact Glenys Rhodes on 0408619355.

Order Form: Order Form School Bag