Picture Products are coming!

Picture Products

The P & C is very proud to announce a new fundraiser for our School that is loads of fun and creates special memories for you and your child!

Turn your child’s treasured memories into durable, high-quality melamine Pictureplates that will last a lifetime!

Both decorative and useful, Pictureplates are simply beautiful. Children love eating off their very own Pictureplates or drinking out of their personally designed cup. These beautiful keepsakes will be used every day and are also a lovely present for someone special.

We are also offering a range of other products decorated with your child’s artwork, such as Pictureclocks, Water Bottles, Calendars, Phone Covers, Mouse Pads and Placemats.

Your child can use photos, markers, hand and footprints and paints to create their artworks, and you can order as many copies of your products as you’d like, it’s a fantastic gift idea for grandparents and family members, so think ahead for Birthday and Christmas presents.

We would love for you to join in this exciting and creative activity that will provide much needed funding for our wonderful school as well!

A sample of the Picture Plate will be available to view at the Canteen.

What’s involved?

Quite simply, your child needs to draw a picture on the templates provided in the Information Pack being sent home this week with every child. You then select which product you would like – plate, clock etc then order and pay!

Templates are to be done at home and must be returned by Thursday 25th May with the order form and payment in the plastic envelope provided.

Orders and Payments

Order Forms will be distributed to all students at the end of this week.

Our P&C volunteers will be in the Year 6 seating area to collect your child’s artworks & payments daily from 8.30 am – 9.00 am on Monday 22nd May to Thursday 25th May.

If you require extra templates, ALL designs can be downloaded directly from www.pictureproducts.com.au/drawing-paper  (please note an A3 printer is required for some templates).

Limited supplies of extra Picture Plate, Cup, Calendar, Bottle or Clock Templates will be available only on Monday 15th May @ 2.45pm-3.15pm in the Year 6 Seating Area.

There will be no extension to the closing date as we must meet  the suppliers deadline of 31 May 2017 to receive an Early Bird Offer on pricing.


We expect delivery of the finished products by August 2017.


Not a problem! All queries regarding this fundraiser should be directed to Verena Gandy via email to project@tackingpointpandc.org.au.

Lost your order form? Click here: Picture Plates Parent Letter

More info about the supplier? PictureProducts Info


Thank You!

Celebrating our past…inspiring our Future

In 2016, our School celebrates its 20th Anniversary. To mark this special occasion the School and the P & C a running a joint fundraiser to raise funds to build a Sensory Garden and Playground. The garden will be an enduring link between the past, present and the future of our school as well providing environmental and sensory learning activities for our children.

To raise funds for the garden, we are offering to you the sale of pavers that will be engraved with your family name, the name(s) of your children and even past students, staff and teachers who have attended the school over the last 20 years! These pavers will be used as integral part of the garden.

We are hoping to raise sufficient funds to cover the initial costs of the design and construction of the Garden.

We hope you will be part of this very special Paver Fundraiser to mark our anniversary year.

Thank you!


What types of pavers can I/we buy and how much are they?

Option 1 Single Pavers $30.00


Option 2 Double Pavers $60.00


Option 3 Triple Pavers $90.00

NameBrick-Multi (1)


Option 4 Hand-Drawn Image Pavers $35.00


Option 5 Standard Logo Pavers

Please contact us for pricing.

Who may purchase a paver?

The offer is open to all current and past students, teachers, principals and staff. In fact, any member of our community who has or has had a past relationship with the school, are most welcome to participate in the fundraiser by purchasing a paver!

I am a current student, teacher, staff member. How do I pay for the paver/s?

Payment can be made by:

Please note that our preferred method of payment is online via flexischools. This is because we recognise that parents may not wish to send large amounts of cash with their child to school. It also provides a safe secure environment for ordering and you can even include your engraving details online for single and double pavers and saves you the hassle of returning order forms to the school!

I am a former student, teacher, staff member. How do I pay for a paver/s?

You also have the option of paying via cash, cheque or online. If you wish to pay online go to http://www.flexischools.com.au. Type in Tacking Point Public School, click on the school name and follow the prompts from there! Easy!

What is the period of the Fundraiser?

The fundraiser opens on 6 June 2016 and closes on the 15 August 2016. Please note that Flexischools Orders will remain open until 9:00 pm Wednesday 31 August 2016 for all pavers except Hand-Drawn Pavers.

What do I do with the Order Forms?

All Hand-Drawn order forms MUST be returned to the school in an envelope marked “P & C Paver Fundraiser” to either the office or the School Canteen with payment. Your child has the option of completing the drawing in class or at home. There are strict instructions for completing your Hand-Drawn Image:

  1. Only one name per paver
  2. Ensure that the Order Form and the Engraving Details are returned together!
  3. Draw your image using a good quality medium thickness black marker pen (about 2mm thick) e.g., Artline 70 High Performance Marker. Do not use a ballpoint pen, coloured textas or pencils!
  4. Make sure you rub out any pencil lines as these will appear on the finished paver.
  5. Do not include any computer-generated or pasted pictures
  6. Use good clean writing
  7. Simple illustrations
  8. Ensure that the drawing does not touch or go outside the marked border on the Order Form.

For Single, Double or Triple Pavers, your completed Order form with payment must be returned to the School or Canteen also in an envelope marked P & C Paver Fundraiser”.

When completing the Order Form for Single, Double, Triple Pavers you MUST take note of the following:

  1. All characters must be printed clearly in UPPER CASE
  2. For Single Pavers, there is a maximum of 16 characters per line
  3. For Double Pavers, there is a maximum of 14 characters per line
  4. DO NOT word-wrap!
  5. Each box on the order form represents a character i.e a letter, number, punctuation mark or space
  6. No Hand drawings


A receipt will be issued for all orders received.



Additional Order Forms can be accessed here:

Single +Double+Hand Drawn Order & Payment Form

Single +Double+Hand Drawn Order & Payment Form

Single, Double or Triple Pavers

Single Double Triple Name Pavers

Sample Completed Form:

Sample Form – Single +Double+Hand Drawn Order & Payment Form


Kaylene Monkton 0419408241

Glenys Rhodes 0408619355

via email at: fundraising@tackingpointpandc.org.au or by completing the online enquiry form below.