Health Star Ratings & Portion Control


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As you know we have been busy providing our school community with the many facets of the new Revised Healthy Canteen Strategy. Working with our Canteen Supervisors, Leanne and Sandy, we are trying to make our Canteen totally compliant with the new guidelines. In our final instalment, we look at the second and third elements of the new Strategy…

The Health Star Rating (HSR)

An integral part of the Strategy is the introduction of the HSR system that was introduced by the Australian, state and territory governments in collaboration with industry, public health and consumer groups. The HSR was introduced on a voluntary basis in June 2014.

The Health Star Rating (HSR) system is a quick and easy way to compare the nutrient content of packaged foods. It scores the overall nutritional content of packaged foods and rates them from ½ a star to 5 stars. The more stars, the healthier the choice.

If the canteen decides to use pre-packaged foods (and this can only apply to Occasional food and drinks representing 25% of the menu) than that food must have a HSR of 3.5 stars or more to be sold in school canteens in addition to Everyday food.


So until we can source meat pies, sausage rolls etc., these staples of the School Canteen lunch order will be removed (:() .

One problem that is facing all School Canteens is that the food industry itself is lagging behind in ensuring that manufacturers of prepackaged foods etc., are labelling their products with the HSR. This is a problem that is further compounded by the regional locality of schools.

To understand more about the HSR  visit



Portion Control

So not only does our School Canteen Menu need to have items categorised as Everyday and/or Occasional Foods and have all occasional foods rated with a HSR above 3.5 stars, it must also be portion controlled!

Anyone who has had to adhere to a diet will know and understand the importance of portion control for weight loss and so it applies here. Care needs to be taken to avoid serving large portions of all OCCASIONAL foods and some EVERYDAY foods (flavoured milk, juices and hot meals). All School Canteens have access to a Menu Ready Reckoner to check the maximum portion size limits for menu items and ingredients.

If we feel that a small serving wouldn’t satisfy the hunger of a student, then the foods should be combined with a salad, bread roll, fruit or milk. For example, if we were to serve a frittata which has a maximum portion size of 250 grams, we would also serve it with a salad to provide a balanced meal.


Our new Terms 2 & 3 Winter Meal will be released on 31 March 2017 and will commence from Term 2. There are some major changes to the menu and there has been some concessions but you will see a vastly different menu. The menu may change as we strive to meet the new requirements as we move towards being compliant with the Strategy.

We look forward to receiving your feedback on the new Menu and we hope you now have an understanding of the why and wherefores of the changes. Please do not hesitate to contact us to give feedback – complimentary or otherwise. We really only want the best for a healthy school community and we believe our Canteen can provide this to you.

Contact the P &C, our Canteen Supervisors or the School if you require any further clarification. Here’s to our Healthy School!





Christmas Raffle 2016


Fancy a holiday to the Gold Coast staying in the wonderful Sea World Resort? Well maybe you can! Just by buying a ticket in our special Christmas Raffle!

At only $2.00 per ticket, who wouldn’t want to purchase tickets in our raffle fundraiser!The first prize is an exciting prize for two (2) adults and two (2) children (0-13 years):

  • Winners stay at the 4½ Star Sea World Resort & Water Park on the Gold Coast in a Resort Double Room*
  •  $200.00 Caltex Cash Cards,
  • have unlimited entry and fun at Sea World, Warner Bros. Movie World and Wet ‘n’ Wild Gold Coast,
  • $100.00 Food and Beverage credit at Sea World Resort and Water Park

Our first prize is valued at $2400.00 !!!!!! Wow!

The runners up prizes are:

  • $50 iTunes Vouchers
  • $25 iTunes Vouchers

Also there is a very special Incentive Book Seller Prize of an iPod Shuffle 2 GB!!!

So what are you waiting for? Buy a ticket and win yourself a break we know you need!

All proceeds will be used for the

refurbishment of our canteen and

to upgrade our Library to meet 21 Century Learning requisites.

Important Dates:

Ticket Books will be sent home initially to the eldest child in each school family in Week 3 of Term 4.

All  monies are to be returned to the Canteen and tickets placed in our secure Raffle Barrel no later than Friday 2 December 2016!

NB: Though ticket and monies are to be returned on 2 December 2016 we are permitted under NSW Gaming Legislation to accept final ticket sales at 9:00 am on Wednesday 7 December 2016

Prizes will be drawn at 9:30am on Presentation Day Wednesday 7 December 2016 at Tacking Point Public School Bangalay Drive Port Macquarie NSW 2444.

First Prize Fine Print:

The winning family has 12 months to plan and use the prize and has the flexibility of using it over the school holidays.
A certificate will be issued to the winner and is valid for twelve months from the issue date. The component includes room accommodation only. The prize does not includes airfares, meals, transport, activities or transfers. Accommodation is subject to availability. *It is available for use over the Australian School Holidays for a small surcharge of $50 per night for Shoulder Season or $100 per night for High Season. It cannot be used during special events. Child age for Theme Parks is 3-13 years (14+ years requires an adult tickets). It cannot be transferred or redeemed for cash and must be taken intact.

Keep Calm! Our Spring Fair Needs YOU!

FINALWhere can I help?

There are numerous ways in which you can help. At this stage, we need help in the following areas:

  • Craft donations – just craft up some love for sale, any medium – paper, fabric, art, twine – you make it we will accept it!
  • Donate plants – start propagating or potting up!
  • Donate prizes – we need prizes for our Chocolate Wheel and the children’s activities!
  • Sponsorship – a great way for you to advertise your support and your business
  • Sponsor items for the BBQ – meat supplies, sauces, napkins, paper plates
  • Sponsor Milk for the SRC’s Milk Bar
  • Coordinators and/or Assistants for our Stalls and Activities. We have vacancies for:
    • Side Show Alley
      • Lob the Dunny Roll
      • Rocket Launcher
      • Sponge-a- Mate
    • P & C Pop – up! Help us sell our raffle tickets, teatowels and Cookbooks!
    • Craft Stall
    • Chocolate Wheel – we need spruikers to sell tickets, source prizes, spin the wheel and generally have a good time!
    • An assistant for our Lego Competition in the Lego House
    • Plaster Fingers – plastering up the kids in plaster , of course!
    • Just Dance Disco – chaperone the kids as they dance to their favourite song
    • Glow Things – selling our glow products that will just glow as the sun sets and add to the atmosphere of the Fair
    • Showbags – we will source the showbags – all you have to do is hand them out to the kiddies as part of their Super Saver or sell them to those who don’t have a Super Saver
    • Super Saver – distributing food and activity tickets to all those kiddies who have prepaid. A case of marking off names from a list!
    • Photo Booth – we have the photographer! We just need someone to source props, take orders and arrange for printing of photos to be delivered after the fair!
  • Baristas – who doesn’t love a good coffee that is made to perfection
  • Canteen Coordinator and assistants – selling extra yummy goodies
  • Lighting – as the sun sets we will need lighting! You may find a donor to assist here but in any case you will also be putting up the lighting and liaison with the Electrician!
  • Electrician – we need you to ensure the safety of our fairgoers not to mention that we don’t overload and fuse out the whole set-up
  • Floaters – to help with the collection of coin on the day and providing relief to stallholders so that they too can have some fun (and a rest!)
  • Assistants to help set up on the day including:
    • an Electrician
    • setting up lighting
    • setting up tables,marquees and signage
    • Decorating!
  • Carpenter or handy person to assist with creating a free-standing sign, a special stall and a Photo Booth
  • Publicity – creating Facebook posts, web posts, flyer distribution, even gaining some media attention through radio and print!

If you are not sure what a Stall Coordinator does check out our blog on the Role of a Stall/Activity Coordinator The Role of Stall/Activity Coordinators. It is not as scary as you think!

Contact us and have a chat about how you can help!



Tea Towel Fundraiser Extended!


It’s been running for a few weeks and now we have decided to extend our popular Tea Towel Fundraiser.There is a minimum number of tea towels that we have to order and we are falling short of that requirement. If you haven’t ordered yours yet now is the time to do so! We will be accepting orders until the 30th September 2016.

That means if you want to pay via cash through the Canteen you only have this week, being the last week of term. Of course you can still order online at

Not only is it a wonderful memento of the kids school year but it gets them involved and provides a meaningful gift for parents, friends and grandparents. The tea towels are just $15 each! A copy of the order form is available here: Parent Letter Teatowels

If you have any queries please call Tara Page on 0406752267 or Megan Bryant on 0265823478 or just email us at

On behalf of the

School and the P & C

we THANK YOU for supporting our School Community!

“Volunteers put the community into community events”.



“Volunteers put the community into community events.”
-Steven Wood Schmader, CEO of the International Festivals & Events Association

Our Spring Fair is in fear of being cancelled…can you do Just One Thing?

We need you to put the community into our school community event!

We are creating a group of volunteers to make our Spring Fair happen, we have lots of small jobs that need to be done. All we need from you is to “Do Just One Thing”.

If you have never coordinated or assisted on a Spring Fair, don’t panic – most of those who have already volunteered haven’t that much experience either. In fact, for our Spring Fairy (the coordinator of the whole event!), this is HER FIRST SPRING FAIR! One in, all in!

In one way or another, we are here to help each other make the 2016 Spring Fair a huge success for our school and most importantly, our children!

Can you run a Stall? 

Running a Stall can be super rewarding. If you have a few friends or family members it can be a fantastic way to help the Spring Fair. Fair Day procedures including how to collect Cash will be explained to you. Would you like to run a Stall? Do you have an idea for a stall?

Don’t be afraid to run a stall! It will bring out the best in you!

Some stall suggesting include:

  • Rocket Launcher –  three children at a time compete against each other to see how far their rocket can go (horizontally, of course)
  • Side Show Alley – lots of carnival back yard type games
  • The P & C Pop-Up Stall – selling our teatowels, cookbooks and other items
  • The Gaming Table – let the kids trade their xbox, PS4 etc games
  • Lob the Dunny Roll – Simply throwing a dunny roll to see if they can get into the toilet!!!

General Volunteers?

If you don’t know what you can do or where you can fit in, we have many roles to fill. There are a range of jobs where you can help. Some are small, some are big, some are simple, some will take more time and commitment.

Can you help with Spring Fair preparation (before the day)?

Some of the roles include:

♥  Volunteer Coordinator

♥  Publicity

♥  Sponsorship – Chocolate Wheel

♥  Sponsorship – small prizes for the children on various activities e.g. The Lego            Competition

♥  Sponsor our 20th Anniversary Cookbook

♥  Donate edible items for our BBQ’s or Milk for our coffee

♥  Join the Steering Committee

♥  Sponsor our Advertising – in return you will receive free advertising on Spring Fair Day and across all our social media platforms

♥  Organising additional marquees, battery operated Eskies etc, etc…

On the Day Volunteers

We have many jobs that need to be done on the day. Can you help? Put your hand up for a couple of hours, you don’t need to give your whole day, just a few hours will also help. Some of the roles include:

  • an Electrician – to ensure the safety of our fairgoers from an electricians point of view: checking all cords are secure, correct power supply
  • Lighting – as this is a Twilight event, we will need to pack up and secure the premises in the dark! Can you assist in setting up lighting or providing additional lighting?
  • Set up on the Day Team – placing tables, erecting marquees, signage,
  • Manning a stall for a few hours
  • Assisting pack up on the day
  • Any ideas, contact us!

Please contact with a job you can do, any questions or ideas. We simply would love to hear from you to save our Spring Fair!

Even ONE THING makes all the difference! THANK YOU








Healthy Kids BBQ


Hey Mums and Dads, Carers, Grandparents and Friends!

Join us for a Healthy Kids BBQ

at the

K-2 Athletics Carnival

Thursday 15 September 2016!

Your P & C Volunteers will be running a very special Healthy Kids BBQ. Our aim is to provide our K-2 Kiddies with a very special menu that is rated all green according to the Fresh Tastes at School Policy! Yay!

Even the spectators can enjoy our special BBQ – it’s make you hungry watching kids being active! and our Canteen will be selling Coffee!

Our Menu will consist of: –

  • Hamburgers made with the leanest of mince, preservative free and a touch of onion and carrots served on a roll with tomato, lettuce and cheese! $5.00
  • Chicken Burgers lightly crumbed with chopped parsley served on a roll with lettuce and mayo $4.00
  • Fresh fruit quarters of oranges, apples and watermelon as well as bananas   $0.50
  • Water $1.50 large bottle, $1.00 small
  • Sipahh Milk Straws (these have less than 1/2 teaspoon sugar) using low fat milk $2.50
  • Juices your choice of apple, apple and blackcurrant, orange $ 1.50
  • Apple Crumble Yoghurt made with low-fat plain yoghurt, apple, cinnamon and rolled oats $1.00
  • and other items that all comply with our guidelines of healthy and green!

Great! How do we order?

Three easy ways!

  1. You or your child simply rock up to our BBQ tent
  2. You will be able to pre-order your child’s lunch on Flexischools using the Special Canteen Menu that will be available from Monday or Tuesday (N.B. Flexischools are in the process of establishing the special service).
  3. If you want to order via the paper bag system, please do so using the above menu and oh don’t forget to tell us if there is any special dietary requirements! Verrry important!

So we hope that you will pack a picnic blanket and join us on the day!

Oh and one more thing! You wish to volunteer and help at the BBQ that would be great! (and very appreciative), email us at Free coffee and lunch provided for you! Thank you!




2016 Tea Towel Fundraiser


It’s on again! The P & C is once again running our fabulous Tea Towel Fundraiser! This was immensely popular in 2014 and we have had requests to run it again! Its even more special this year as it will provide a wonderful memento for the children of our School’s 20th Anniversary!

Not only is it a wonderful memento of the kids school year but it gets them involved and provides a meaningful gift for parents, friends and grandparents. Each child will draw their own picture in class which is then collated into one tea towel per year!

The tea towels are just $15 each and can be purchased by returning the order form with payment to the Canteen in an envelope clearly labelled “Tea Towel Order” or paying online via Flexischools. A copy of the order form is available here: Parent Letter Teatowels

Final orders are due no later than 16 September 2016.

If you have any queries please call Tara Page on 0406752267 or Megan Bryant on 0265823478 or just email us at

On behalf of the

School and the P & C

we THANK YOU for supporting our School Community!




The Schoolyard Twilight Market is on it’s way!


You’ve seen our Facebook posts and Expressions of Interest for Stallholders so now we can finally say YES!!! Our Market is on!

As you know, every second year we hold our Spring Fair that involves a great deal of support from parents and teachers who give their time, creativity and financial support willingly. In our off-Spring Fair year, the    P & C decided to hold an event where very little support from the school community would be required giving us all a well-deserved break! It was time to give back a little, so…

Ta dah!

The Schoolyard Twilight Market!

This is the very first time that we have ever held an event of this type and we really do need your support to make this event exciting and extra special just by joining us!

Our Schoolyard Twilight Market is promising to be a really fun, family night out with an eclectic mix of stalls, artisan produce and delicious food cooked by our highly regarded Tong masters!  Read on to discover what’s on at the Market!

Untitled design (2)

The Schoolgrounds Café & BBQ

While at the market, your taste buds are certainly going to be tantalized and satisfied! The wonderful girls from the Deli Jar will be in attendance so why not grab a salad or two to accompany your BBQ fare!

Our wonderful “Tongmasters Extraordinaire” will be BBQíng up a storm of sausages, chicken burgers, steak sandwiches and fresh, barbequed corn!

So have the night off and come down to our BBQ!

Our Schoolground Café will be offering Holy Goat Coffee not to mention an array of drinks, home-baked goodies, ice-creams and snacks.

There will also be a snow-cone van located in the Children’s Area!

Our Stallholders!

We have an eclectic mix of stalls includes: home wares, jewellery, beauty products handmade children’s clothing and toys and gourmet food. Hopefully, a little something for everyone…

Our stallholders include:-

Piper & Rush

The Deli Jar

Beeline Toys

Gourmet Taste Sensations

The Body Shop at Home

Silver Republic

Natalie O’Donnell Photography and Design

Jamberry Nails


Baby Kisses

Mel Turner Sports Physiotherapist

Port Macquarie Surf School


A Cupcake of Soap

Lorraine Lea Linen

Angelli Glass

New Beginnings Recycled Designs

Lakeside Woods Nursery

Susan Hyland Phoenix Trader

Lily Ann Designs

Mums and Bubs Stuff

and many more … watch this space!

Remember! It is not too late to grab a site at our Schoolyard Twilight Market! Contact us now!

In addition, to these stalls there will also be a very special P & C Pop-up Stall selling some very whacky glow products, Christmas cards and other items. Stop by and say hi!

If you run a small home-based handmade, homemade, homegrown or home produced business we would love to hear from you and would welcome your attendance at our market.

We are looking for people to be part of an additional “Emporium-style” co-operative stall. We are looking for four to five stallholders to combine as one and we are able to assist in arranging the finer details for you! Curious?  Then email us at for details!

Spin that Wheel!

Your P and C will be giving away loads of prizes at the Chocolate Wheel! This is your chance to win a great variety of prizes donated by our stallholders and local businesses just to add to all the fun.

We are in need of a “Chocolate Wheel Host” so if you think you have what it takes to spin that wheel for our lucky prizewinners, contact us now!

Tickets will be available on the night from our special Chocolate Wheel spinners!



Kids Activities!

We said there was something for everyone at our Schoolyard Twilight Market and there is!

The folks from Red Shed Hire are helping us out so there will be a Jumping Castle and a Gladiator Ring for all of the children!

We will also have the “World’s Longest Colouring-In” table for all the little (and the not so little) Picasso’s out there with a chance to win a very special prize!

You can even have your face-painted or collect a balloon or two sculptured by a very special balloon artist from the wonderful!



The Port Macquarie Golf Club has even donated a mini Putt-Putt Golf for the evening for the budding golfers!

So with all these activities, we are sure you will be entertained!


Working behind the scenes to bring you this event has been a very small group of sub-committee members who have convinced (well, maybe bribed) their partners to help.

To ensure the safety and success of this event we do require a little bit of volunteer help. We need at least four – five volunteers to help us out on the night.

We need volunteers to oversee the:

  • Putt-Putt Golf
  • Jumping Castle
  • Gladiator Pit x 2
  • A boisterous spruiker for the Chocolate Wheel!

So if you are free and don’t mind lending a hand, please let us know!


Looking for more information or simply want to lend a hand? Contact us!

  • The Schoolyard Twilight Market

the schoolyard twilight market header (1)

Please like and share our page!

We can also be contacted via


Phone: Glenys E Rhodes 0408619355 or Amanda Looker 0427240307

A Cupcake of Soap Begin Bright
Piper & Rush

Susan Hyland The Deli Jar