The Role of Stall/Activity Coordinators


Never been involved in a Spring Fair? Don’t know what to do? You are not alone…

If you have never helped out at an event you may be a little uncertain, even a little afraid! Don’t be as it really doesn’t matter because we are all here to help each other! and especially to help our kids!.

Running a stall is exciting! There are some basic tasks involved but most of all we want you to have fun doing it!

Here is a list of basic tasks (don’t be put off by them it make sound like a lot but in reality it isn’t, we promise!):

  • Recruit and formulate a roster for volunteers on Fair Day
  • Be creative with your stall! We are celebrating our 20th Anniversary and the theme is loosely set around a Carnival atmosphere. Let those interior design juices flow! A boring tablecloth does not inspire fairholders. Go bold! Go strong! For inspiration check out our Pinterest Page – Tacking Point Public School P & C!
  • If you want your assistants to dress in a theme – go for it!
  • If you wish to have a sign made up we can arrange that!
  • Work with the Spring Fair Committee to determine your stall’s budget.  To ensure maximum fundraising it is best if you source items as a donation or sponsorship.
  • Work with the Spring Fair Committee to determine your best location on the day and any equipment you may need e.g. furniture, marquee, signs etc.
  • Purchase or acquire raw materials
  • Monitor expenditure and retain receipts
  • Plan and organise working bees if required! For those who love crafting you can get together for a crafting day and make it fun!
  • Arrange notices in the Newsletter if required. All notices are coordinated by the Spring Fairy herself so email her at
  • You can post as a visitor to our Facebook pages either Tacking Point Public School P & C
  • Set up your stall prior to the Fair opening. It starts at 4:00 pm and fairgoers will start to arrive prior to that so be ready to go at 3:30 pm
  • Book in tables, chairs marquees if required and cannot be sourced. Advise us of any location preference
  • Oversee Stall operation on the day
  • Ensure all volunteers sign in and out on the day
  • Clean up Stall post-Fair
  • Further information is provided to you when you take on the role of Stall Coordinator

The role is all about community – being involved for your child, our families and yourself. Embrace it! Enjoy it!

Contact us!

Spring Fairy Glenys E Rhodes 0408619355 email











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