Agendas & Minutes AGM

What Is An AGM?

From the Federation of Parents and Citizens’ Associations of NSW:

Each P&C Association is required, by the Constitution it operates under, to hold an Annual General Meeting (AGM). As indicated in the title, this meeting must be held once a year.

The AGM is held in accordance with the association’s by laws. The by laws will state the time and date for the AGM.

The AGM is advertised to the school community at least 14 days prior to being held. The notice should include the list of representative positions to be elected at the meeting.

All office bearer positions are declared vacant and therefore, available for election at each AGM.

The associations by laws will indicate if there is a limited tenure on any officer or representative position.

The minutes of the previous AGM are to be distributed prior to the AGM and endorsed at the AGM.

Prior to the AGM, the Treasurer must present to the nominated auditor the records of the P&C for auditing. These records consist of minute book, cash book, deposit book, cheque book, receipt book, invoices and bank statements of the P&C Association and all its sub‐committees. The audited financial statement will be presented to the AGM as the Treasurer’s Report. An AGM cannot occur until the Auditor’s Report is tabled. The meeting must be closed and reconvened pending such a report if none is forthcoming at the time of the AGM. The auditor for the following year is determined at the AGM.

Incorporated P&C Associations must send a copy of their audited financial statements to P&C Federation within one month of their AGM. This is a requirement of the Prescribed Constitution that they operate under.

The AGM consists of the President’s Annual Report, the Treasurer’s Annual Report and any other Annual Reports required as well as the election of office bearers and representatives.

Reports must be strictly relevant to the AGM as opposed to the general meeting which immediately follows the AGM. Any matters that come up in the minutes cannot be endorsed or followed up until the next meeting. In the case of the AGM, such matters would have to wait for a year.

The Officer positions to be elected at the AGM, according to both the standard and prescribed Constitution, are President, two Vice Presidents, Secretary and Treasurer. Only financial P&C members are eligible to stand for a position.

No more than one Officer position can be held by the same person.

Two people from the same family can hold office bearer positions at the same time.

Office bearers can be elected regardless of their place or type of employment except for where they are employed by the P&C Association. Employees of the P&C Association are not permitted to hold an office bearer or executive position within the association.

Any other representative positions held by P&C members are elected at the AGM. These positions may include P&C sub‐committees as well as Departmental and external committees that the P&C has representatives on. Examples are finance committee, merit panel, out of area enrolments, pre‐school selection, canteen sub‐committee, uniform shop sub‐committee, fundraising sub‐committee, OOSH sub‐committee, NSW P&C Federation Annual Conference delegates, P&C Federation Regional delegates.

The AGM is chaired by the outgoing President until the ballot is held. The ballot is conducted by the Returning Officer. This position of Returning Officer is determined by the meeting and is to be undertaken by someone who plays no part in the election (i.e. does not intend to stand for a position nor wishes to cast a vote). The Principal is often invited to take this role.

On completion of the AGM the new office bearers take carriage of their roles and proceed to conduct a general meeting of the P&C Association.

The minutes of the AGM are presented for acceptance at the next AGM, not the next general meeting.

When Is It?

The Tacking Point P&C AGM is traditionally held on the first Monday in March every year.  A General Meeting follows directly after the AGM.