The Uniform Shop – Special Opening Day…


Uniform Shop

It’s that eagerly awaited time that every parent looks forward to! The momentous day that is …Back to School! Ugh! We hear you say but nevertheless…

To enable you to purchase your Uniform requirements, the P & C Uniform Shop will be opening on Monday 29 January 2017 at the following times:

12 – 1 pm for NEW FAMILIES only

1 – 3 pm for EVERYONE

The split times will greatly assist our coordinators and volunteers in providing a great service to you as this is undoubtedly our busiest day of trade!

The Uniform Shop will also operate under normal trading hours from Wednesday 31 January 2017:

Monday 8:30 am to 9:00 am
Wednesday 8:30 am to 9:00 am

Please note that the Uniform Shop does not operate at any other time except for those specified throughout term and back to school days

If you have any queries regarding the purchase of school uniforms please contact us at


For all your Back to School Uniform requirements visit our Uniform Shop!

Volunteers…your P & C needs you!



Our P & C is run and assisted by a great group of volunteers. In the next two years, we will be losing some key volunteers who have given their all to the success of our events, activities, Canteen and Uniform Shop. In 2017, we will be conducting succession planning to ensure that the strength and activities of the P & C continues well into the future.

With changes to the funding of education in the near future, it is even more prudent that we have a strong volunteer base who can continue to fundraise and extend our school community to ensure that our children have the resources and infrastructure for their learning.

We also need to “share the load” or “share the love” as we like to call it! Therefore, we are looking for volunteers to assist us in the following positions. If you are able to help let us know!

Grants Coordinator

In 2017, we are looking to source funding for the completion of our canteen upgrade and our Sustainable Sensory Garden. Our ability to source funding externally alleviates the need to run fundraisers internally through our School Community so parents don’t feel like they are constantly handing out funds.

The coordinator would work closely with the P & C Executive and sub-committees. If you like writing tenders and proposals and sourcing funding then this just might be the role for you!


Every Friday and for special events our Canteen sells wonderful Barista Coffees. The Coffee machine is operated by a limited number of volunteers, well actually two. We need a volunteer or two to assist us on a rostered basis to provide this service to our families. If you think you would like to be our Barista, please drop us a line! Even if you don’t know how to make barista coffee, we can train you!

It’s a great way to volunteer, meet other parents from the school and make good friends. Please contact us on

Sensory Garden Coordinator

Following on from our 2016 20 Anniversary Paver Fundraiser, we are now looking for a volunteer to coordinate the development and activities for the creation of our Sustainable Sensory Garden.

This will be quite a big role as you source funding (in conjunction with the Grants Coordinator), volunteers for working bees, engage a landscaper, liaise with the School and so on to bring this garden to fruition. So for all the green thumbs out there, those with an interest in the environment or just want to be part of very special part of our school volunteer for the role of Sensory Garden Coordinator.

Social Media

Currently, the P & C communicates with our School Community via our Facebook page, our website and this Newsletter that is also distributed via the Skoolbag app. If you love social media and communicating in an online format, then you just might like this role!

It will include an administrator role for the website and the Facebook pages so a bit of knowledge here would be a great bonus. In addition, you will also assist the Executive Committee in creating a Social Media Policy to protect and administer our various sites.

Volunteer Coordinator

The P & C Executive are looking for a volunteer who is passionate about the value of our volunteers within our school community.  This role is responsible for the recruitment, management and support of Volunteers to assist the P & C across all of events and activities to provide better outcomes for our School.

If you are interested in any of these volunteer positions, then please contact us! We would love to hear from you!














You are invited to participate in our “JUST ONE THING” Volunteer campaign for 2016!

We have over 761 children attending Tacking Point Public School with a large number of the children being new to our school this year. Tacking Point Public School and the P & C has a very strong school and family community. We are hoping to build on our school community successes of 2015.

Therefore we asking each family to nominate to do “JUST ONE THING” throughout the year giving all Tacking Point Public School families a chance to be involved in our school community. We are especially encouraging our new families to get involved. Volunteering at the school is a great way to meet people and make friends, assist your child to reach their potential and grow their self esteem. Children love to see their Mums and Dads, grandparents, aunties, uncles and friends helping out!

On this page you will find a link to a list of activities that we would appreciate your assistance with. We ask that you tick just one box (or more if you like!) if you are interested in helping out!

Your responses will be collated and when the time comes you will be contacted regarded your chosen participation. Please be assured that all information collected will only be used for the purpose for which it was provided (refer to our Privacy Statement).

Upon completion of the form you may return it to the school or email a copy to Please ensure that you complete your contact details.

If you do anything for your child this year do “JUST ONE THING” to help them their school and be a part of a very special school  that is Tacking Point Public School and the P & C.

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