New! Summer Menu 2019

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We are super excited about our new Summer Menu for 2019 that commences from Term 1 Week 1 on Wednesday 30 January 2019.

Please download a copy of the current menu and discard any previous menus i.e. Winter Menu 2018 and Summer Menu 2018/2019.

Please note the following changes to the Menu:

  1. All pretzels and chips will be removed
  2. Replaced with fresh in-house air-popped popcorn (meets everyday criteria for HCS2017) priced at $0.50
  3. Fruit Tubs will be increased from $0.70 to $1.00 to cover increased costs and provide wider range of seasonal fruits included
  4. Daily Deals name change to Daily Specials due to removal of drink options included in the deal at the request of parent feedback
  5. Daily Specials reduce to $5.00 due to removal of drinks from the deal
  6. Chicken Fried Rice to be removed from Daily Specials – too much hot and pre-packaged food
  7. Replace fried rice with Friday Wrapped Chicken Рfresh chicken & crunchy coleslaw with light mayonnaise on your choice of spinach and herb wrap or sundried tomato wrap  $5.50
  8. Vegie Crunch cups will now be served with salsa to avoid sesame seed allergies by serving with hommous
  9. Rice will replace pasta in the Rainbow Salad
  10. Tacos description to be amended to “with lean mince, tomatoes, cheese and lettuce in a soft tortilla ( meets everyday criteria for HCS2017)
  11. Introduce “Dinky” size Slushies for $1.00 (small cup)
  12. Pineapple will be an added option on Chicken Burgers for additional $0.50

You can download a copy of the new menu here:

Summer Menu 2019 (2)

If you have any feedback or comments regarding the change, please let us know!

Cheers and thank you

Canteen Committee



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