Join Us Now – Spring Fair 2018



Volunteers put the community into community events.”
-Steven Wood Schmader, CEO of the International Festivals & Events Association

We need you to put the community into our School Community Spring Fair!

Hello to all!

Hope you are all enjoying the holidays!
We are powering on with the organisation of the Spring Fair and we just wanted to touch base with you all! A huge thank you to everyone who have given us their precious time so willingly.
We now have over 80 volunteers for the big day but we are still short on some stalls and activities so we are posting again for volunteers. If you know someone – husbands, partners, family members, lovers etc who could possibly help, please ask! Babies and children under the age of 10 are excluded, so ask away.


If you have never coordinated or assisted on a Spring Fair, don’t panic – most of those who have already volunteered haven’t that much experience either. One in, all in!

In one way or another, we are here to help each other make the 2018 Spring Fair a huge success for our school and most importantly, our children! Come on and Share The Love!

Please contact with a job you can do, any questions or ideas. We simply would love to hear from you to save our Spring Fair!

Even ONE THING makes all the difference! THANK YOU and THANK YOU for giving us your precious time!







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