‘Eat Fresh & Win’ Canteen Campaign



Together with the School, the P & C have registered our School Canteen to participate in the Sydney Markets “Eat Fresh & Win” Canteen Campaign.

The aim of the campaign is to get kids eating more fresh fruit and vegetables. The campaign promotes fruits and vegetables and offers students the opportunity to win some great prizes.

From Monday 13 August 2018, all children in our school will be given one entry form. This form is presented to the Canteen each time that they purchase a piece of fruit or vegetable (slinky’s included) or one of our “special veggie meals” that will be offered soon.

For those children who bring in a piece of fruit or vegetable from home they can also participate. Stickers are available from the Canteen (teachers will be given a supply of these for those children who bring fruit or veg in from home).

Upon collecting two stickers, students return their entry form to the canteen and are rewarded with a minor prize – a Fresh for Kids trading card – there are 7 different designs to collect!

A new entry form will be given once two stickers have been collected. Students can enter as many times as they wish!

The competition will close on 21 September. All entries are collected and returned to the markets for entry into the major competition!!



About the Fresh For Kids Program

This is part of the Sydney Markets funded program “Fresh for Kids”  developed to get kids eating more fresh fruit and vegetables and to kick-start some lifelong healthy habits. We seek to achieve this goal through the following approaches

The program is for Kids: Most importantly –  engage kids on their level. We offer fun activities, videos and games aimed at making ‘fresh’ fun!

Fresh for Kids was developed in 1997 in an attempt to combat the alarmingly low levels of fresh fruit and vegetable consumption within primary school aged children. Since then, the program has grown from strength to strength, with consistent increases in participation. Now, over 250,000 students directly participate in at least one part of the program each year.

Factors that influenced the creation and management of the program included the impact of aggressive fast and snack food marketing on children’s diets and their subsequent attitude to fresh produce. Supporting this data derived from research and media reports demonstrating that diet related health problems such as obesity, high cholesterol and diabetes are increasing in children.

Fresh for Kids is supported by a range of diverse stakeholders – government departments, teachers, canteen managers, independent retailers and parents.



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