School Safety – Our Responsibility

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As you may be aware, this week is Road Rule Awareness Week. Your P & C have been releasing snippets of information relating to Road Rules as they apply to our School Zone on our Facebook page and we have been receiving comments and messages from parents expressing their concerns. Thank you for your support!

The School and the P & C are becoming increasingly alarmed at the disregard for the safety of our children in peak drop-off and pick-up times.Council Rangers, police and School Staff are monitoring the behaviour of drivers during peak school zone times when really they shouldn’t have to. Everybody should be aware of the road rules particularly as they concern the safety of not just your child, but all children of our school.

Please, we can do better!

Our school doesn’t offer a lot of parking, it does not have great accessibility. What it does have is a 40k speed zone, flashing lights, dragons teeth, No parking zones, a designated Bus Zone. We can do better!

Therefore, the P & C on behalf of the School Community has requested Council, School Crossing Supervisors (RMS), and our local government representatives to consider and support a number of  initiatives to improve our school zone. These include:

  1. A Review of the request for School Crossing Controllers.
  1. That our Crossings be raised crossings to slow down the traffic approaching from the eastern AND western ends of Bangalay Road.
  1. The Dragons Teeth markings be extended in length – obviously, drivers seem not to notice the flashing lights or the 40-k sign on the road.
  1. That Flashing Lights be placed on both sides of Bangalay Drive on approach from both the eastern end and western end of the School Zone
  1. That all Road signs are replaced. They are fading and therefore may not be as legible to drivers. This also applies to line markings.
  1. The installation of “No Right Turn” signage and/or “No U-Turns” into Belgrave Place and Chatsworth Place off Bangalay Drive. This is one of our biggest concerns.
  1. Consider building a Bus Interchange at the front of the school realigning the width of the footpath and the width of the actual bus zone on Bangalay Drive itself thus ensuring the safety of our school children utilising bus services
  1. Painting “BUS ZONE” on the road. We are continually having to ask parents NOT to park in the Bus Zone due to very poor signage. The Bus Zone is not significantly long however the signs are placed at each end of the bus zone and our parents appear not to see it
  1. Consider whether the traffic environment outside the school would support the initiative of a School Drop-off and Pick-up initiative without disrupting traffic flow.
  1. Reconsider the Parking Zones around the School.
  1. We request that a “Disabled Parking Zone” be added within the school zone and suggest a possible location that is at the easterly end of the Bus Zone where accessibility to the school is via a flat path.

We can only hope that they heed our requests – maybe not all as other factors will come into play especially a financial factor. We ask that you also support us by writing of your concerns to Council.

What can I do now?

It’s simple:

  1. Obey  and RESPECT the Road Rules – if you don’t know them, learn them
  2. visit for information on how to keep your children safe
  3. Set an example for your children – use the crossings, continue your journeys after drop off/pick up or down Bangalay instead of performing u-turns illegally or obstructing traffic
  4. Cross the road with your children at the Crossings not between them
  5. Park in designated zones – not the bus zone, not “No Stopping Zones”, not within 5m of the School Crossings
  6. Walk to school if possible! Its good for you, your child and the environment
  7. Use the links below to learn more!
  8. Support your P & C with their initiative to improve our School Zone! Write to our local member, council the RMS!


Please drive carefully around our School and protect all CHILDREN!








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