Just One Thing 2017

if-you-do-anything-for-your-child-this-year-doWe have commenced our Just One Thing campaign for 2017. Our P & C relies on the involvement of our volunteers – parents, grandparents, friends within the school community, teachers and the children themselves. Just One Thing is our Volunteering Campaign for 2017 encouraging all of our school community families to volunteer with the P & C and the school.

We are asking everyone within our school community to do JUST ONE THING to support our School and the P & C! You choose!

If you have attended the Parent Information Nights held over the last fortnight you would have been handed an open letter and an activity nomination form. If not, then additional forms are available to download below.

Please take the time to consider where you can do you just one thing for 2017! Forms can be returned to the Canteen or scanned and emailed to info@tackingpointpandc.org.au

We do hope that you will embrace this campaign and be part of a very special school community.

Click here to access your Nomination Form for Just One Thing 2017!




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