2016 Our Year in Review


At the close of the 2016 School year, your P & C would like to share with you our highlights of the year. As much as we try to keep you informed of all things P and C, and what we actually achieve there is always something that is missed!

Our P & C is involved in funding many events, fundraisers and causes for our School. We represent the parents of the school community and become their voice in various issues that affect our school and its community.


This year we have actively campaigned for better traffic management at school drop-off and pick-up. We requested a review of both of our school crossings, parking zones and the behaviour of drivers during these times. The RMS has completed a review and unfortunately we did not meet the required criteria for children unaccompanied using the crossing to warrant a “Lollipop Lady”. However, we are able to request a further review in 2017 and this will be pursued.

What we have achieved is that there is a higher presence of council rangers and police regularly drive through so that both are very much aware of our situation. Ultimately, we have the responsibility of safety of our children and we ask that parents actively continue to ensure that they comply.

We are also campaigning in regard to recent changes made by the Department of Education in regard to Out-of-Zone enrolments. We have written to both the Department and the P & C Federation who we hope will listen and also campaign on our behalf. Our school is more than just a school community – we are disappointed with these changes as it will affect a number of families with siblings already attending the school.

Social Events

We have hosted two great social events this year, kicking off with our Pool Party in February. This is a mainstay on our social calendar and is essentially a Welcome Party to the new school year and provides an opportunity for new families to experience the community of the school. The children love it and the ever present aqua slides provided a great fun evening. And for once it didn’t rain! We hope that next year’s Pool Party on the 17 February is just as much fun and let’s pray it doesn’t rain!

Of course, the most hilarious and fun-filled event of the P & C Calendar every year is our Trivia Night. Donna Hughes and her team made us proud for the fourth year in a row. We were overwhelmed by the generosity of our local community with many local businesses donating fantastic prizes for the night. Donna’s Circus theme of the Greatest Show on Earth was a great hit. It truly is a terrific night and I urge you to come along and join us next year for our fifth Trivia Night! We wonder what Donna has in store for us!

Circus 1


As has been the tradition for many years our first fundraiser for the year is our Easter Raffle. Thanks to the generosity of our school families that donated mountains of eggs to be raffled, we were able to provide some 80 plus baskets of Easter eggs to the prize-winners!

Our heartfelt thanks goes to Kaylene Monckton and her team for our Mother’s Day and Father’s Day Stalls. The planning and preparation that goes into these two days is huge and we really appreciate the efforts of you and your teams. Personally I love these stalls as the children are so excited about choosing THAT right gift for their Mums and Dads. We can only hope that it is the right gift!

The P&C would like to say a huge THANK YOU to Tony Menjivar for taking on the task or organising our volunteers for this year’s Ironman event. Thank you also to the wonderful people who were able to volunteer their time on the day as Bike Marshals. Despite the gloomy weather, the day turned out quite well with our presence greatly appreciated by the competitors.  The time spent on the course by our volunteers raised $550 for the school, so well done all! Hopefully next year it will be lovely and sunny and we can fill all the places to raise even more money for our fabulous school.

As you are all aware, this year celebrated our Schools 20th Anniversary. The P & C wanted to mark this occasion with something special and so our Paver Fundraiser came to be. Essentially our idea is to create a sensory garden centered around the pavers that will be a perpetual commemoration of our school and those children and staff who are, have been and will be a part of our school community.

We had many extensions to the closing date to ensure that everyone had an opportunity to purchase a paver. We were especially pleased that we even had orders from local schools who wanted to be part of a very special School Commemoration.

We raised just under $3000 after costs to create our special Sensory Garden! That is a great effort from all of you. Thank you. The Fundraiser met with all sorts of issues that were dealt with by our Paver Fundraising Coordinators – Tara Page & Kaylene Monckton – and we thank them profusely for their involvement.

The pavers will be delivered in early 2017. It is now our intention to create a Committee to oversee further funding through grants etc, engage a landscaper to design the garden and advise on the best siting etc., and see the project through to completion.

The P & C donated a paver  as our gift to the School to commemorate its 20th Anniversary and also to mark the P & C’s 20th Anniversary, a milestone that went largely unnoticed – we were just too busy. This is a larger paver and will bear the School’s logo.

In 2014, we ran our first Tea Towel Fundraiser. As a result of parents asking if we would run this fundraiser again, we decided why not and again it has been a huge success! We have sold nearly all of our Tea Towels that were ordered.

A big Thank you to all parents who supported this fundraiser – we raised just over $2000 after costs. We wish to extend an extra special thank you to Tara Page and Megan Bryant for organising and running the fundraiser on the P & C’s behalf.

Of course our major fundraiser this year was our Spring Fair! It only happens every two years and as Spring Fairy I fully understand why! We started planning the Fair in May and slowly but surely it came into fruition.

At one stage there was a very real risk that it would not go ahead due to a lack of volunteers but in full TPPS school community spirit it came to be right up to the day of the Fair. We know we pushed a lot of buttons, we asked a lot but the end result was absolutely worth it!

As a result of a lot of very hard work – literally blood sweat and tears – we are very honoured to announce that this year’s Spring Fair raised in the vicinity of $19884, the second highest Spring Fair Profit ever! Well done to our school community – to the Spring Fair Committee, parents, teachers, admin staff, grandparents, husbands, partners, lovers and friends of friends who all gave their time and effort in making this such a successful event. So a round of applause please to all of us!

Our objective of the Spring Fair was twofold – firstly to ensure that a fun time was had by all and secondly, to raise funds for the upgrade of our Library to meet 21st Century learning standards and further funding to our Canteen for its refurbishment. At our final general meeting for the year, the P & C approved a donation of $10000 to the School Library.


Canteen & Uniform Shop

The two areas of our P and C that are most visible day-to-day and week-to-week are the Canteen and our Uniform Shop. By running these as a P & C instead of outsourcing them, we are able to direct any profit back into the school.

Our Canteen Managers Leanne MacInnes and Sandy Hoogland work so very hard and we thank them for this but also for their patience with our little ones and their care and concern for our children and volunteers.

Your P & C actively supports the NSW Healthy Kids Canteen Strategy. With our canteen and its management we strive to meet these requirements to ensure that our children remain strong and healthy and also to ensure that the canteen remains viable. Without our managers and the volunteer support base this would not be the case and so we once again applaud our school community.

In 2017 there will be changes to the Canteen Strategy that will see changes to the categories of green amber and red to “everyday” and “occasional” foods. It will also see a major change in that there will be no red days!

We would also like to thank our Uniform Shop coordinators Nicole Covetz and Kylie Candotti for the marvellous job that they do in the management of the shop. It can be extremely busy and yet they remain steadfast in their service to our school.


Putting our Fundraising to work!

For the last two years we have been busily fundraising for our Canteen refurbishment and the School. The process of refurbishing the Canteen is an ongoing one and will take substantial funding. However, we have been making small changes, that many of you with the exception of our volunteers and staff, would not notice.

Our major expense of the year for the Canteen has been the purchase of a new laptop that could cope with the modern requirements of today’s technology. It also means that we can save documents, Policies and Procedures in a single environment. It can be available to our Canteen Staff to store important info and communicate with ease with the Executive and the School.

A prudent investment was the attendance of both of our Canteen Managers at this years Healthy Kids Association Canteen Training Day in Sydney. We thought of this as an opportunity for our staff to gain valuable insights into the NSW Fresh Tastes at School Healthy Canteen Strategy which we are required to abide by as an Eat Well, Live Well School as well as learning of better management techniques and meal planning that assists in keeping Canteens viable.

In 2017, we are hoping to commence refurbishment: to cover all preparation areas in stainless steel, purchase a commercial dishwasher, establish a separate office work space and replace the shelving. All of this is required to meet standard Health Regulations.

The P and C also donated funds towards the cost of the Healthy Harold program in 2016. This meant that with joint funding from the school, every child at TPPS was able to attend the program without a cost back to our School Parents.

Every year the P and C’s gift to our Year 6 children leaving our school to take on yet another milestone in their education, is the provision of their Yearbook. This year the P & C donated $1600 to cover the cost of the Yearbook.

A Final Note of Thanks…

We wouldn’t be able to run our P & C without the help from everyone who volunteers so in closing I would like to thank all those who volunteer in any capacity around our school. In this busy day and age, your time is of immense value. Thank you for investing that time in our school and most importantly for the development of our children.

We are, your P & C.

Glenys E Rhodes


Tacking Point Public School P & C Association



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