Mufti Day is Donation Day!


Our first Mufti Day is this Friday 14 October 2016 where we will be collecting items for our Year Stalls. The theme is Bright Colours of Spring!

Kindy –  Kindy Kraft items: card stock, beads, googly beads any crafting items that can be used

Year 1 – Cake Stall – it’s a bit early for cakes but you could donate items to decorate packaging – labels, ribbon otherwise bags of lollies

Year 2 – Drinks Poppers, small cans of soft drink,bottles of water

Year 3 – Tattoos  – this stall is sorted for supplies however if you could please assist Year 4 by bringing in filled jars of goodies that would be wonderful!

Year 4 – Tombola jars and jars full of goodies! Pens, pencils, hair accessories, lego pieces anything at all that will fit into a jar!

Year 5 – Chocolate Throw – blocks and blocks of chocolate

Year 6 – Hair Spray – cans of coloured hair spray

If you can’t find the necessary item than we ask that you donate bags of lollies that can be used as prizes. Alternatively, you may like to contact the Year Coordinator to confirm (we will post a list shortly).

We do prefer wrapped and sealed lollies to ensure that they remain fresh! Please check the use by dates as any dates prior to or after 19 November 2016 will need to be thrown away!

Remember: Children can wear play clothes to School on Mufti-Days instead of their regular school uniform and in exchange, are asked to bring a donation for one of the Spring Fair Stalls.

All items can be left with the Spring Fairies who will be located in the Year 6 Seating area between 8:30 am and 9:00 am on Friday 14 October 2016 and placed into the relevant box. Questions?  Call Glenys on 0408619355 or email


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