Welcome to the 2016 School Year!

Our P and C welcomes you all to the 2016 School Year! We especially welcome our new parents, carers and grandparents to the school.

2016 is a big year for the P and C – we have lots of events happening throughout the year with the biggest event of all – our Spring Fair which will be scheduled later in the year.

The P and C is very active and very, very friendly so if you are new to the area, the school or just never been that involved come along and join us!

Our first meeting for the year will be on Monday 8 February 2016 at 7:30 pm in the School’s Staffroom (Admin Block). Don’t be shy we would love to meet you!

Our scheduled events for 2016, that are both social and fundraising in nature, include:

The Pool Party – February 2016

Easter Egg Raffles – March 2016

Movie Night – April 2016

Mothers Day Stall – May 2016

Trivia Night

Fathers Day Stall – September 2016

Spring Fair – November 2016

If you can’t make it to a meeting and you have an idea, suggestion or feedback send us a message via the website or  the Facebook page. We are very responsive to messages and posts but please remember your social media etiquette rules and that we are all volunteers! If you do  have have any “gripe”type messages please send them via private inbox.

Our website will shortly be undergoing a major overhaul so please be patient with us. Remember to ask if in doubt!

The school distributes information via their fortnightly Newsletter, website, Skoolbag and their Facebook page.

We hope you will enjoy being part of our P and C!

Once again, a very BIG WELCOME!