Online Ordering (Flexischools) Is Here!!!


We now have a great new online system to make the ordering of lunches and uniforms easier and more convenient.

  • Order at a time convenient to you
    in the morning, night before, or weeks in advance!
  • No searching for cash required
    It’s already paid online!
  • Teach students healthy eating in a fun way
  • Order from home or work

 It’s so easy!

1)    Go to

2)    Click “Register Now” to create account

3)    Top-up your balance

4)    Start ordering immediately

To view a demonstration
go to the website and in the “Find Your School” box, enter a few letters from our school name and click the name when it appears below.

What Does it Cost?

The online menu is the same price as the usual menu.  However, there is a small fee for the online orders to help pay for the labels and the website system.  So why not order your next lunch online!

What payment methods can I use?
FlexiSchools accepts payment via Visa, Mastercard, and Bank Transfer.  To perform a bank transfer to your FlexiSchools account, click ‘Topup Account’ when logged into the FlexiSchools website and select ‘Bank Transfer’; you will be given your unique EFT code.  You can then make a transfer via your bank’s internet facility or at your branch.

How Does It Work?
Go to and click “Register Now” in the Login Box.  Then enter your student’s name, school and class, and add funds (say $50) into a pre-paid account.   You can log into the website at any time to place orders, our cut off time is 9.30am on the day.  As purchases are made, the funds are taken from your pre-paid account.  The account can be topped up again in the same way, or set to automatically top-up via credit card when the balance falls below a pre-set minimum.  Each order is sent automatically to the canteen, where an easy-to-read label is produced with the student’s name, class and order details.  At lunch time, students can simply pick up their order without the need for cash.

Click here to download the Quickstart Guide to Placing An Order (Canteen or Uniform Shop)

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