New Canteen Menu!!!


So why are we changing the menu?  Several reasons – for the health of our children, to support the healthy food message we teach our children, to provide more homecooked meals.  From the survey we conducted:

  • 46% of respondents rated our previous canteen menu as average, 35% above average.
  • Two clear themes developed from comments: our friendly and helpful staff are appreciated, and offer less processed, packed meals, more fresh and healthy menu items.

So we’ve made some changes.  What’s new:

  • Seasonal menus that will be adjusted every term.
  • Wholemeal bread, wholemeal rolls, wholemeal wraps.
  • Streamlined salads for easier choice.
  • Water, milk, and 100% juices only.
  • Milkshakes have been replaced by one-size fruit smoothies.
  • Every day – ‘Daily Dose of Awesome’ – a different yummy lunch selection.  Tuesday is now Spag Bol Day!  Sushi Friday!  These lunches are only $5, every day.
  • No more processed, packaged meals (except sushi for now).
  • Pies and sausage rolls available on Wednesday and Friday only, NOT every day.
  • Breakfast every day between 8.30-8.50am.
  • New snack options including pretzels, popcorn, mini fruit muffins, and yoghurt.

We are excited how much awesomeness we managed to fit into this menu!  We will be conducting a follow up survey in the coming weeks to get some feedback about what you think about our new menu.

We ask for your patience and understanding as we roll out the new menu items.  We want to make sure we get it right with minimal disruption and maximum results.

Click here to download the Summer 2014 Term 1 Canteen Menu! (a paper version will be sent home from school soon).