‘Eat Fresh & Win’ Canteen Campaign



Together with the School, the P & C have registered our School Canteen to participate in the Sydney Markets “Eat Fresh & Win” Canteen Campaign.

The aim of the campaign is to get kids eating more fresh fruit and vegetables. The campaign promotes fruits and vegetables and offers students the opportunity to win some great prizes.

From Monday 13 August 2018, all children in our school will be given one entry form. This form is presented to the Canteen each time that they purchase a piece of fruit or vegetable (slinky’s included) or one of our “special veggie meals” that will be offered soon.

For those children who bring in a piece of fruit or vegetable from home they can also participate. Stickers are available from the Canteen (teachers will be given a supply of these for those children who bring fruit or veg in from home).

Upon collecting two stickers, students return their entry form to the canteen and are rewarded with a minor prize – a Fresh for Kids trading card – there are 7 different designs to collect!

A new entry form will be given once two stickers have been collected. Students can enter as many times as they wish!

The competition will close on 21 September. All entries are collected and returned to the markets for entry into the major competition!!



About the Fresh For Kids Program

This is part of the Sydney Markets funded program “Fresh for Kids”  developed to get kids eating more fresh fruit and vegetables and to kick-start some lifelong healthy habits. We seek to achieve this goal through the following approaches

The program is for Kids: Most importantly –  engage kids on their level. We offer fun activities, videos and games aimed at making ‘fresh’ fun!

Fresh for Kids was developed in 1997 in an attempt to combat the alarmingly low levels of fresh fruit and vegetable consumption within primary school aged children. Since then, the program has grown from strength to strength, with consistent increases in participation. Now, over 250,000 students directly participate in at least one part of the program each year.

Factors that influenced the creation and management of the program included the impact of aggressive fast and snack food marketing on children’s diets and their subsequent attitude to fresh produce. Supporting this data derived from research and media reports demonstrating that diet related health problems such as obesity, high cholesterol and diabetes are increasing in children.

Fresh for Kids is supported by a range of diverse stakeholders – government departments, teachers, canteen managers, independent retailers and parents.


TPPS P & C Building Fund

TPPS P & C Building Fund


Your P & C is always looking for alternative funding opportunites to support our School and ensure that educationally, our children have the very best that we can provide for them.

Since 2015, your P & C has been investigating various ways in which the P & C can fundraise for the school without overloading our school community with too many fundraisers and giving back at the same time.

We are very pleased to announce that your P & C has established the Tacking Point Public School P & C Building Fund with endorsement as deductible gift recipient status that simply means all donations over $2 are tax deductible to you!

The Tacking Point Public School P & C Association has established the TPPS P & C Building Fund with the expressed intention of raising money for the construction, improvement and maintenance of our School buildings. The Fund is managed and operated by the School Building Fund Committee, which is part of the school’s P&C.

We are aiming to raise funds to fund projects that have been identified in consultation with the P & C, by our Principal, Mr Harris and the teaching staff.  It could include such items as:

  • Installation of fixed air conditioning units
  • Upgrades to our classrooms including carpet, painting, storage etc
  • Upgrades to fixtures in the Canteen or Installation of permanent P & C Uniform Shop/Storage

But we need your support! The P&C are requesting contributions to the Building Fund. If you run a business you could also contribute via that or potentially ask your workplace if they would be interested in making a donation.

Building the future with spirit is about contributing what you can – gifts large and small are all received with thanks. All donations greater than $2 are tax deductible and can be made at any time throughout the year.

For more information, please click here:

TPPS Assn Inc Building Fund


Thank you for your ongoing support!

Our favourite Fundraiser!! Teatowels 2018


It’s on again! Our absolutely favourite fundraiser! The P & C is once again running our fabulous Tea Towel Fundraiser! This was immensely popular in 2014 and 2016 and we have had requests to run it again!

Not only is it a wonderful memento of the kids school year but it gets them involved and provides a meaningful gift for parents, friends and grandparents. Each child will draw their own picture in class which is then collated into one tea towel per year!

The tea towels are just $15 each and can be purchased by returning the order form with payment to the Canteen in an envelope clearly labelled “Tea Towel Order” or paying online via Flexischools or direct deposit to our account (see details below).

Please note that when ordering a teatowel for each of your children that you order for the year they are enrolled in e.g. Sam is in KV you must order for Kindy, Bonny is in 1C order for Year 1.

Sample Teatowels are on display in the Canteen!

A copy of the order form is available here: Parent Letter Teatowels 2018.

Payment Options

  1.  Cash (Enclosed – please place in envelope clearly marked “Tea Towels” & return to   the  Canteen)
  2. Cheque (payable to “Tacking Point Public School P & C Assn”) – please place in envelope clearly marked “Tea Towels” & return to   the  Canteen)
  3. EFT/Direct Deposit to our Account: Name of: TPPS P&C  BSB: 032-586   A/C: 446814. Please ensure “Reference” is completed using “TF Your child’s surname & class” (e.g.  FSMITH6A)
  4.  Flexischools – This option will be available from 21 May 2018

Important Dates:

Orders will be accepted from 21 May 2018

Final orders are due no later than 16 June 2018.

Expected Delivery: early Term 3


If you have any queries please call Tara Page on 0406752267 or Megan Bryant on 0265823478 or just email us at fundraising@tackingpointpandc.org.au

On behalf of the School and the P & C

we THANK YOU for supporting our School Community!


Year 4 & Mother’s Day Stall



Attention all Year 4 Students, Parents and Carers! As Year 4 will be attending Camp on the day of the Mother’s Day Stall, we have arranged for a special Mother’s Day Stall to be held on Monday 7 May 2018. This will allow Year 4 students to choose and take home their gifts (no peeking girls!).

For those wishing to choose a gift, your payment/s must be received prior to 9:00 am on Monday 7 May 2018 so that we can account for both payment and the gift.

If you should have any queries regarding this, just call Glenys E Rhodes on 0408619355 o email fundraising@tackingpointpandc.org.au. Cheers!

For a copy of the Mother’s Day Collection Slip, simply click on this link Mothers Day Collection Slip

Canteen Winter Menu 2018

Winter Menu 2018

Our new Canteen Menu for Winter 2018 is finally here! The menu commences from the beginning of Term 2 on Tuesday 1 May 2018.
Please ensure that you download the new menu and order from this Menu only as there are significant changes to the menu! Our website will be updated with the new menu and Flexischools will change over the weekend of the school holidays.
We hope that our children and families enjoy what is on offer and if you should have any feedback, please do not hesitate to contact us or our lovely Canteen Managers. Thank you!
You will find a copy of the Winter Menu here and on our Canteen page. A copy is also being distributed to all families.

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Mother’s Day Stall 2018



Mother’s Day is fast approaching! Every year the P & C holds a Mother’s Day Stall where the children get to pick a lovely gift for Mum, Grandma, Nanna and if you are lucky a favourite Aunt or just that extra special girl in their life! All gifts are $5.00 again this year…

Our Mother’s Day Stall is a pre-paid system whereby each child must return the Mother’s Day Collection Slip (to be sent home shortly!) with their $5 payment. Children can purchase more than one gift if they wish.

The Collection Slip and payment can be returned to our lovely P & C representatives who will be collecting in the Year 6 Seating area (next to the Canteen) from 8:30 am to 9:00 am daily commencing on Tuesday 1 May 2018 thru to Wednesday 9 May 2018. Monies and collection slips can also be left in the Canteen after these hours.

Please ensure that you clearly record your child/children’s name class and amount! If you are sending in money with just one child, please make sure that the names and classes of ALL siblings are recorded on the Collection Slip!

You can even indicate if you would like a receipt to be sent to you as a text!

Please note that for the Year 4 Camper’s we will be arranging a special day for you to choose your gifts so your monies and collection slips will need to be returned earlier (Monday 7 May).

On the day, each child will be able to choose the gift/s of their choice from the Stall. Their teacher will bring each class to the Hall and we will mark off their names from our receipted list.

Volunteers Please!

The Mother’s Day Stall is one of our most popular and favourite stall’s to Volunteer for! This year we need a few extra volunteers both to help on the day (Thursday 10 May) and to help sort, tag and wrap gifts for the stall.

We have set aside a day for the “Big Wrap” which is Saturday 5 May 2018 from 10:30 am in the School Hall. Morning Tea will be served!
If you wish to volunteer for the Stall or the Big Wrap, just do so via the Collection Slip!

Questions? Simple, just email fundraising@tackingpointpandc.org.au or inbox us!

Update 9/4/18:

A copy of the Mother’s Day Note was sent home with your child this week so please check your childs/childrens bag! A copy is provided here for you to download, print and return!

Mothers Day Collection Slip