Spring Fair 2018

Spring Fair V3

Get ready for Tacking Point Public School Spring Fair!

The Tacking Point Public School Fair is renowned in our community – for many families their first contact with the school is bringing their young family to the Fair. We are famous for providing something for everyone – from great rides to food to market stalls to treasure to entertainment. It really does put community into our School Community.

The organisation of our Spring Fair is the result of a commitment of a very small number of people and overseen by the P & C. We are almost at all system’s go but still a long way from having everything in hand. The Spring Fair is a huge organisational effort.

The success of the Fair does not just rely on this core organising committee – it relies on commitment from all families in so many different ways. There are many ways you can support the event including donations of goods, (from your own larders, your own company or the company you work for or even a service!) and especially leading up to the Spring Fair day, supporting your class activity and more.

This year our Fair will be concentrating on community after all without your encouragement not to cancel, the Fair would not be happening at all. It’s also the first time we are focussing on making the event a waste-free event. We are focusing on the three R’s of Recycle, Reuse and Reduce!

So, what do we do with all the money raised? Our school has wonderful facilities much of this due to the fundraising efforts of the P & C. Over the years the Spring Fair has funded a wide range of programs and facility development. This has included computers, interactive whiteboards, iPads, Healthy Harold Programs, upgrades to our Library, contribution to the new COLA, the covered walkways and the playground equipment as well as the seating in the Year 6 area. Phew!

This year’s profits are being directed towards the provision of interactive touchscreens known as “Commboxes” that are replacing the older technology of whiteboards in our classrooms and to provide further funding to our P & C to enable us to continue to provide funding support our school.

It’s time to celebrate with our fantastic School Community and have loads of fun at the same time!

We are looking forward to another great community event this year.

 We need YOU!

GOOD NEWS: Some of our seasoned Spring Fair Stallholders are on board … our teachers are doing a great job in getting the Year Stalls together and they’re all getting their act together. Plus, they are quickly building a really fantastic community of Spring Fair stallholders. A big thank you to Mrs Angie Reichelt who is our Liaison Coordinator with the School.

A huge thank you to those parents who have volunteered to coordinate the Year Stalls. You are leading the way!

But we are still a long way from having sufficient volunteers to assist on other stalls and a crucial Committee role is still vacant so it is all the more important that parents put their hands up for these roles this year.

Without these people, the Spring Fair will miss out on some traditional favourites. And we will end up losing some vital school funds. So, we really need your help to take charge of these stalls.

MORE GOOD NEWS: You do not need any experience to take on these roles. And we’ve got some really wonderful parents to help you out even if you are new, to take on these roles. For some, this is their last year in the school and they look forward eagerly to connect with new parents who they can pass their knowledge on to. All of these roles, if shared evenly will not take much of your time. There will be stallholder meetings commencing in Term 4 and these are only for 30 minutes or so.

We request you to step up to help and join our Spring Fair Community so we can together create another great event for our school and our children.

If you want to take on one of these roles then simply contact us on 0408619355 or email fundraising@tackingpointpandc.org.au.

Alternatively, complete the Volunteer Form SF2018 Parent Note Volunteers V2 and return to the Canteen or via email to fundraising@tackingpointpandc.org.au.

 Mufti Day

A very traditional part of our Spring Fair is our Mufti Days. These are the days where our children get very excited and involved in Spring Fair and can wear play clothes instead of the regular Uniform and in exchange they are asked to bring in a donation for one of the Spring Fair Stalls. There will be only one donation day that the children will be involved in and that is Wednesday 24 October 2018 (proposed). Please SAVE THE DATE!

On this day we are asking you to donate one of the following:

  • Bottles of water or juice
  • Plants
  • Seeds
  • Books, CD’S, DVD’s even DS, Xbox, PS games for trading!
  • Scarves, belts and handbags

Donation Days

In addition, to the children’s Mufti Day, we are also proposing to open the School Hall on Saturday 20 October 2018 and the weekend of 27-28 October 2018. This will allow us to collect last-minute donations:

  • All Year Stalls
  • Book Donations including DVD’s, CD’s and X-box 1 and PS4 games
  • Plant Donations
  • Scarves, Belts and Bags Donations
  • Water & Juice (preferably bottled!)
  • Seeds and seedlings
  • Paper bags in good condition


Spring Fair Sponsorship Needs You!

Are you a business owner or do you know someone who owns a business in our local area? If so, why not join many of the generous businesses in providing sponsorship for our Spring Fair? By contributing goods or monetary donations, your children will benefit directly. You are welcome to display your business sign, hand out brochures etc.! Limitless!

In return, your business will receive free advertising – including appearing on our website’s Sponsorship page, our Facebook page and not to mention being displayed on the day of the Spring Fair for the whole community to see your generosity!

Interested? Please contact Glenys Rhodes on 0408619355 or email us at fundraising@tackingpointpandc.org.au

Super Saver

Our Super Saver will go on sale from Monday 15 November where you will be able to pre-purchase tickets to save you money! For the children this will include:

  • Sausage Sizzle
  • Drink – either water or juice
  • Showbag (valued at $10.00)
  • and entry to a variety of activities!

At $20 per child this is a great way to budget for the Fair! An Order Form will be distributed in Week 1 of Term 4 so make sure you check your child’s bag! A copy will also be available for download from the website!

There are three ways in which you can pay for your child/ren’s SuperSaver:

  1. return your Order Form with cash payment to the Canteen
  2. by direct transfer to our Bank Account, and
  3. by using Flexischools (open from 22/10 – 1/11/18)

Tickets will be distributed to students on Friday 2 November 2018. If you forget your tickets it will not be a problem just attend the Information Booth and give your child/ren’s name to obtain a second book.

If you do not wish to take advantage of our pre-paid SuperSaver offer, tickets can be purchased for food and activities at the ticket booth on the day instead. However, the price of the ticket will be $25.00.


If you have perennial plants that can be divided, plants that have multiplied through self-seeding or other little plants that you can dig up from garden to put into pots, please do so now so they can thrive by Spring Fair Day.

If you have spare potted plants we would love those too! Popular sellers include herbs, edible plants and vegetables and pretty pots of flowers. Please look around your garden or balcony if you have something to donate to make our Plant Stall a beautiful success!

Where can I help?

There are numerous ways in which you can help. At the moment we need:

  • Craft for our Craft Stall – whatever takes your creative mind!
  • Plant donations
  • Cake Donations
  • Prizes
  • Donated lollies – preferably wrapped and/or sealed in bags to maintain freshness
  • Sponsorship
  • Sponsor items for BBQ (mainly meat)
  • Assistance in sourcing prizes for Chocolate Wheel
  • Lighting – we would like assistance in sourcing suitable lighting for when the sun goes down!
  • Floaters – to help with collecting monies on the day and providing relief to stallholders
  • Carpenter or handy person to assist with creating a free-standing sign, stall or photo booth
  • Publicity – creating Facebook posts, flyer distribution, radio etc.
  • Large portable eskies
  • Additional tables
  • Marquees
  • Provide darts for the Nerf Target Zone (or lend us some nerf guns!)


The Pass-It-On Project

In keeping with our focus on Reuse, Recycle and Reduce theme, we have several stalls participating in our Pass-It-On Project. You can participate in the project by:

  • Having a Closet Clean-Out Day and donating any unwanted scarves, belts and handbags to our SASSY SCARF STALL
  • Planning a bookshelf clean-out day for the BOOK STALL
  • Raiding your child’s box of unwanted X-Box 1 and Ps4 games (while they are not around, of course!) for the GAME TRADING TABLE AT THE BOOK STALL
  • Taking cuttings of plants for the PLANT STALL
  • Donating clean t-shirts/shirts in good condition to YEAR 5’S SHIRT BAG STALL


sassy scarf stall.jpg


 Crafting Up!

The Craft Stall is always a very popular stall and you get to display your handmade art!

Just make what you love to do or if you need some inspiration check out our Pinterest site under Tacking Point Public School P & C! We have been busy pinning ideas!

We do need volunteers for this stall so if you love to craft this is the stall for you! fundraising@tackingpointpandc.org.au


gray round foam with sunglasses

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com


TOP 3 THINGS to do for the Spring Fair this week

  1. Sign-up to volunteer at YOUR Spring Fair
  2. Pot-up a plant or two
  3. Dust off those books sitting on your bookshelves – we want them!


 Important Dates

15 October 2018        SuperSaver Sales open

20 October 2018        D-Day (Donation Day) in the Hall

24 October 2018        The Children’s Donation Day (proposed)

27 October 2018        External Stallholder Applications Close Date

27-28 October 2018   D-Day (Donation Day) in the Hall

31 October 2018        External Stallholder Final Payment Date

1 November 2018      Closing date for SuperSaver Sales

2 November 2018      LEGO Competition Entry Drop-off

2 November 2018      Colouring-In Competition Entries Close

3 November 2018      THE BIG DAY… SPRING FAIR DAY!


Need information? Contact Us!

Email and Social Media

General Enquiries:                             info@tackingpontpandc.org.au

Sponsorship & Fundraising:           fundraising@tackingpointpandc.org.au

Website:                                                www.tackingpointpandc.org.au

Facebook:                                             Tacking Point Public School P & C                           www.facebook.com/TackingPointPublicPC

Facebook:                                             2018 Tacking Point Public School Spring Fair


Pinterest:                                              Tacking Point Public School P & C Association

 By phone                                            Glenys Rhodes  0408619355







Join Us Now – Spring Fair 2018



Volunteers put the community into community events.”
-Steven Wood Schmader, CEO of the International Festivals & Events Association

We need you to put the community into our School Community Spring Fair!

Hello to all!

Hope you are all enjoying the holidays!
We are powering on with the organisation of the Spring Fair and we just wanted to touch base with you all! A huge thank you to everyone who have given us their precious time so willingly.
We now have over 80 volunteers for the big day but we are still short on some stalls and activities so we are posting again for volunteers. If you know someone – husbands, partners, family members, lovers etc who could possibly help, please ask! Babies and children under the age of 10 are excluded, so ask away.


If you have never coordinated or assisted on a Spring Fair, don’t panic – most of those who have already volunteered haven’t that much experience either. One in, all in!

In one way or another, we are here to help each other make the 2018 Spring Fair a huge success for our school and most importantly, our children! Come on and Share The Love!

Please contact fundraising@tackingpointpandc.org.au with a job you can do, any questions or ideas. We simply would love to hear from you to save our Spring Fair!

Even ONE THING makes all the difference! THANK YOU and THANK YOU for giving us your precious time!






Summer Menu 2018/2019

Winter Menu 2018

Hi all!

Just to let you know that our Summer Menu 2018/2019 commences from Term 4 Week 1 on Monday 15 October  2018. Please download a copy of the current menu and discard any previous menus i.e. Winter Menu 2018 and Summer Menu 2018.

Please note the following changes to the Menu:

  1. Removal of Smiths Chips and Messy Monkeys
  2. The Vegie Cups will be served with salsa in lieu of Hommus (contains sesame seeds)
  3. Removal Sweet Potato Wedges
  4. Removal Hot Potato
  5. Addition of Rainbow Pasta Salad
  6. Addition of  Chicken Fried Rice for the Friday Meal Deal

To allow us to meet the Healthy Kids Association guidelines, Smiths Chips have been removed due to the high salt content even though they are gluten-free product.

We introduced the Zymil Milk to cater for those students who are lactose-intolerant, however we have found that we had a large increase in wastage due to poor sales and therefore this item will no longer be available in the canteen.

You can download a copy of the new menu here:

Summer Menu 2018-2019

If you have any feedback or comments regarding the change, please let us know!

Cheers and thank you

Canteen Committee


It’s Time To Join Us – Spring Fair 2018

it's our Spring Fair!


Volunteers put the community into community events.”
-Steven Wood Schmader, CEO of the International Festivals & Events Association

We need you to put the community into our School Community Spring Fair!

We are creating a group of volunteers to make our Spring Fair happen, we have lots of small jobs that need to be done. All we need from you is to “Do Just One Thing”.

If you have never coordinated or assisted on a Spring Fair, don’t panic – most of those who have already volunteered haven’t that much experience either. One in, all in!

In one way or another, we are here to help each other make the 2018 Spring Fair a huge success for our school and most importantly, our children! Come on and Share The Love!

Can you run a Stall? 

Running a Stall can be super rewarding. If you have a few friends or family members it can be a fantastic way to help the Spring Fair. Fair Day procedures including how to collect Cash will be explained to you. Would you like to run a Stall? Do you have an idea for a stall?

Don’t be afraid to run a stall! It will bring out the best in you!

Did you know that children aged over 10 years can also help out (with Parent Permission, of course!). They are fully covered by the P & C’s insurance!

General Volunteers?

If you don’t know what you can do or where you can fit in, we have many roles to fill. There are a range of jobs where you can help. Some are small, some are big, some are simple, some will take more time and commitment.

Can you help with Spring Fair preparation (before the day)?

Some of the roles include:

♥  Volunteer Coordinator

♥  Publicity

♥  Sponsorship – We have various sponsorship packages available

♥  Sponsorship – small prizes for the children on various activities e.g. The Lego            Competition

♥  Donate edible items for our BBQ’s or Milk for our coffee

♥  Join the Steering Committee

♥  Sponsor our Advertising – in return you will receive free advertising on Spring Fair Day and across all our social media platforms

♥  Organising additional marquees, battery operated Eskies etc, etc…

On the Day Volunteers

We have many jobs that need to be done on the day. Can you help? Put your hand up for a couple of hours, you don’t need to give your whole day, just a few hours will also help. Some of the roles include:

  • Lighting – as this is a Twilight event, we will need to pack up and secure the premises in the dark! Can you assist in setting up lighting or providing additional lighting?
  • Manning a stall for a few hours
  • Any ideas, contact us!

Please contact fundraising@tackingpointpandc.org.au with a job you can do, any questions or ideas. We simply would love to hear from you to save our Spring Fair!

Even ONE THING makes all the difference! THANK YOU and THANK YOU for giving us your precious time!






‘Eat Fresh & Win’ Canteen Campaign



Together with the School, the P & C have registered our School Canteen to participate in the Sydney Markets “Eat Fresh & Win” Canteen Campaign.

The aim of the campaign is to get kids eating more fresh fruit and vegetables. The campaign promotes fruits and vegetables and offers students the opportunity to win some great prizes.

From Monday 13 August 2018, all children in our school will be given one entry form. This form is presented to the Canteen each time that they purchase a piece of fruit or vegetable (slinky’s included) or one of our “special veggie meals” that will be offered soon.

For those children who bring in a piece of fruit or vegetable from home they can also participate. Stickers are available from the Canteen (teachers will be given a supply of these for those children who bring fruit or veg in from home).

Upon collecting two stickers, students return their entry form to the canteen and are rewarded with a minor prize – a Fresh for Kids trading card – there are 7 different designs to collect!

A new entry form will be given once two stickers have been collected. Students can enter as many times as they wish!

The competition will close on 21 September. All entries are collected and returned to the markets for entry into the major competition!!



About the Fresh For Kids Program

This is part of the Sydney Markets funded program “Fresh for Kids”  developed to get kids eating more fresh fruit and vegetables and to kick-start some lifelong healthy habits. We seek to achieve this goal through the following approaches

The program is for Kids: Most importantly –  engage kids on their level. We offer fun activities, videos and games aimed at making ‘fresh’ fun!

Fresh for Kids was developed in 1997 in an attempt to combat the alarmingly low levels of fresh fruit and vegetable consumption within primary school aged children. Since then, the program has grown from strength to strength, with consistent increases in participation. Now, over 250,000 students directly participate in at least one part of the program each year.

Factors that influenced the creation and management of the program included the impact of aggressive fast and snack food marketing on children’s diets and their subsequent attitude to fresh produce. Supporting this data derived from research and media reports demonstrating that diet related health problems such as obesity, high cholesterol and diabetes are increasing in children.

Fresh for Kids is supported by a range of diverse stakeholders – government departments, teachers, canteen managers, independent retailers and parents.


TPPS P & C Building Fund

TPPS P & C Building Fund


Your P & C is always looking for alternative funding opportunites to support our School and ensure that educationally, our children have the very best that we can provide for them.

Since 2015, your P & C has been investigating various ways in which the P & C can fundraise for the school without overloading our school community with too many fundraisers and giving back at the same time.

We are very pleased to announce that your P & C has established the Tacking Point Public School P & C Building Fund with endorsement as deductible gift recipient status that simply means all donations over $2 are tax deductible to you!

The Tacking Point Public School P & C Association has established the TPPS P & C Building Fund with the expressed intention of raising money for the construction, improvement and maintenance of our School buildings. The Fund is managed and operated by the School Building Fund Committee, which is part of the school’s P&C.

We are aiming to raise funds to fund projects that have been identified in consultation with the P & C, by our Principal, Mr Harris and the teaching staff.  It could include such items as:

  • Installation of fixed air conditioning units
  • Upgrades to our classrooms including carpet, painting, storage etc
  • Upgrades to fixtures in the Canteen or Installation of permanent P & C Uniform Shop/Storage

But we need your support! The P&C are requesting contributions to the Building Fund. If you run a business you could also contribute via that or potentially ask your workplace if they would be interested in making a donation.

Building the future with spirit is about contributing what you can – gifts large and small are all received with thanks. All donations greater than $2 are tax deductible and can be made at any time throughout the year.

For more information, please click here:

TPPS Assn Inc Building Fund


Thank you for your ongoing support!